Tuesday, August 21, 2012
According to Mobile Marketer, Target is making major headway on generating a multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive brand engagement and sales. Far too few brands have successfully built a solid mobile strategy. Over the past few years, Target has made major efforts to incorporate SMS marketing, mobile advertising, a mobile site and QR codes into this multi-channel approach. Target has shown that relying on one channel to drive user engagement is not sufficient.  Utilizing a multi-channel approach allows brands to engage with a larger volume of consumers, while at the same time continuing to innovate. Target started its foray with mobile advertisement to promote its fresh produce offerings. They have continued to utilize mobile advertising channels to promote new product offerings and mobile applications. Mobile advertising allows brands like Target reach more and more consumers as consumers turn to a medley of mobile devices to access the web. In addition to its mobile engagement strategy, Target has also introduced QR codes in its marketing campaigns to create a more interactive experience for its customers. QR codes are mobile bar codes that consumers can scan to redeem offers. By embedding these QR codes into advertisements, Target has added interactivity to the static element of browsing through advertisements. In addition to the headway in introducing QR codes to its campaigns, Target has also made a big impact in introducing consumer mobile applications. The company has in fact teamed up with shopkick to bring a location-based rewards application to its stores and let consumers earn points for shopping. The mobile application has driven many consumers to Target in-store locations. Through these mobile applications, the company has educated consumers to shop for products through mobile devices as an alternative to their desktops. Target has not forgotten text marketing. The company has utilized the medium through its short code for product promotion. Text marketing is the easiest channel that marketers can reach the largest audience. Target has consumers opt-in to their short code and sends timely SMS messages to its opt-in database. In doing so, Target is able to maintain a dialogue with its customers and introduce them to many product offerings. To learn more about how your company can utilize SMS marketing through short codes or 'textable' local phone numbers, please feel free to contact the CallFire customer support team at 213-221-2289.