Monday, April 23, 2012
CallFire is constantly trying to innovate its SMS text messaging platform. There's no better example of this than our latest platform with the addition of "textable" virtual numbers. So what exactly is a long-code? CallFire used to send all of our SMS text message blasts through a shared short code which allowed the recipient of the message three hours to reply. Now our users can purchase a dedicated 10 digit local phone number, also known as a long code, from which to send text blasts from. You may be asking what does this mean, and what does it do for me? If you've already experimented with SMS mobile marketing, then you know how vital it is to receive relevant replies and be able to respond to hundreds of incoming texts in an automated way. The benefits of SMS auto response are vast. One example may be a store that sends out an SMS blast announcing a sale. The recipient of these SMS messages may be eligible for an additional bonus or gift when they reply with “Sales On!”. Our users can setup something like this by purchasing a keyword and setting up an auto-reply so that once a recipient texts back “Sales On!”, they will receive notification of their additional bonus or gift. Managing hundreds or potentially thousands of promotion offers this way can be made simple by setting up a dedicated long code with auto-response trigger. A bonus reply can be offered by also incorporating the use of keywords which one could also setup with an auto-response. With CallFire long codes, you can setup auto-replies and capture responder numbers easily and efficiently by simply having them send a text to a distinct long code. Features such as email notifications can notify the user when text messages are sent to their number, allow for simple management of your marketing campaign. Give us a call today at 877.897.2473 to learn more about how long codes can help with your mobile marketing.