Friday, February 24, 2012
Managing leads and increasing market share is on every insurance agent’s mind. CallFire has combed through the user experiences of the company’s large contingent of insurance agents to devise an insurance marketing and lead management best practice guide to grow insurance agencies. This guide focuses on three aspects of insurance marketing for insurance agents: cold calling, lead management, and day-to-day management tasks. These marketing strategies can be narrowed down to 5 essential tips:

1. Put your message in front of as many people as possible.

Use an auto dialer to prospect DNC-scrubbed lists of prospects. With the Cloud Call Center predictive dialer you can have one or hundreds of telemarketers ready to speak with a prospect. You can use voice broadcasting to communicate important, non-solicitation, focused messages and announcements to current customers and opt-in prospects. “Press-1” campaigns also help to accomplish item number two on our marketing list:

2. Build lists of prospects that are interested in you, your product, and/or your expertise.

Direct a press-1 campaign to a live person or to a CallFire IVR ( auto attendant, automated survey, or hotline) that can be used to gather or give important information. Every time someone responds positively to your telemarketer, or presses 1 on your voice broadcast campaign, that is one more person that you just added to your opt-in lists of potential customers.

3. Reach out to the lists regularly with timely, effective, problem-solving information.

CallFire subset campaigns give you the ability to easily schedule follow-up campaigns from calls that were not answered, requested a callback, needed bi-lingual help, etc.

4. Reach out to as many people as possible on the days that are important to them.

Create weekly phonebooks in CallFire and each week run a birthday audit from our database and add the phone numbers into the correct phone book. Then quickly send out a voice broadcast birthday message. You can do the same thing for recurring events like upcoming policy reviews, graduations, wedding anniversaries, etc.

5. Use affordable automation to help you stay consistent with your keep-in-touch campaigns.

The more a person hears your consistent message, the more credible you become. By using a low-cost solution like an auto dialer program, you are able to keep a consistent keep-in-touch program operating. You will not benefit long-term from a flash-in-the-pan marketing campaign. Here are my two rules of thumb when it comes to keep-in-touch programs:
  • Don’t send out information that has no real value to the prospect.
  • The first time they hear you or your message is an introduction; the second time they can say they know of you; the third time they start to become familiar with you, but it takes four or more times for the prospect to feel like they are developing a relationship with you.
There are many components of a successful insurance marketing and lead management strategy. When done well you can use the power of auto dialers, SMS text messaging, and phone trees to reach more leads, increase customer loyalty, and increase a book of business. These tips are a great place to get started. Here are some more helpful hints to learn more about these telephony tools: