Thursday, August 4, 2011

by Natalia Klishina Today we sent out an email to our most-active customers from the last 3 years asking them for their feedback. (If you didn't receive the email, you can always access the form here.) One of the reasons is that we're including a lot more customer commentary in the revision of the CallFire site we're currently working on; and the other is that our team usually doesn't get to read CallFire reviews until a customer takes the initiative to contact us or post online, but we really want to know what our customers think. We got 20 entries in just the first hour. Here are some highlights of CallFire rating that we really enjoyed reading and will be sure to include on our new site.

"CallFire has been a lifesaver, being that I used to spend a good portion of my day manually making back to back phone calls to accounts with order updates, which are now automated with just a click of a button! Great service and I have never had any problems." -Nichole Eskridge, PromGirl LLC


"I have used CallFire for my political campaign as well as for community organizing. I have used other companies to make robocalls throughout the community, and no other company has provided the quality, low cost, high speed or ease of use that CallFire does. My technical support issues have been resolved with a single phone call, and the online prompts for help have been easy to follow, even without a technical background. As a result, I have been able to establish a relationship with thousands of people in the neighborhood from the comfort of my home office." -Valerie F. Leonard

"CallFire is a great way to notify our members about programs and specials. We have been using CallFire for over three years with great success. It has made a big difference in ensuring our programs are well attended." -Bruce Stapleton, Chief Club Officer, Five Seasons Family Sports Club

"Our experience working with CallFire has been exceptional. It has made our communication efforts a breeze. The flawless execution of the setup is a dream come true. It has freed up so much of my time and has saved our company money because we're no longer doing mass mailings. Our recruitment efforts are cleaner, smoother, more manageable and our membership has skyrocketed and I contribute a large part of that increase to the number of Scouts we're now able to reach using CallFire." -Tina Brendle, Office Manager, Bay Area Council of Boy Scouts of America

"CallFire has become an essential tool in our efforts to communicate with current employees and recruits. We communicate with hundreds of current merchandisers and potential applicants each week. Our Recruiters know that as soon as a CallFire broadcast is launched their phones will ring with call backs. We could not imagine doing business without CallFire. Plus - their Customer Service people are great!" -Ronni Sheppard, Media Coordinator, Apollo Retail Specialists

"There is no way I could achieve my current sales volume without using CallFire. The system is very user-friendly, it is very inexpensive, and I can always reach a live person if I need help very promptly. If you are in sales (and you are not my competitor), I would highly recommend CallFire." -Chris Burt, Owner, BrotherLife

"I added CallFire to my sales arsenal and in the last several months our outbound sales calls have skyrocketed. We used to make about 25 outbound calls per day, yesterday with two sales producers we made 353 calls, spoke to 179 live, left 169 messages and sold 9 Standard Autos and 1 Homeowners. CallFire should be mandatory for any new agent. My sales have doubled in the last 3 months." -Mitch Biggs, Owner, Biggs & Associates Agency

"I have had a great experience working with CallFIre. I really appreciate the thought given to their API. I find many companies in the TelCom space simply have an API that was hacked together by some developers with little or no professional software development background. As a result, many of the APIs that you find are difficult to use or to expand upon. CallFire's API is easy to use and apply to your business needs. With CallFire, you know you are working with professionals and a solid API." -Ronnie Andrews Jr., Founder, Devil Dog Software, Inc.


Almost all responses have been 100% positive, but we're happy to get even the ones that aren't. We can then figure out what we need to focus on improving and make sure to contact the customers that have been having issues. So keep the responses coming!