Friday, May 20, 2011

by Natalia Klishina

The last one was slacking off tweeting as the dog. Just kidding. Designing CallFire 3.0 is proving to be a project for more than one designer, since it's going to completely revamp our dashboard -- making it spiffy and sparkly and bursting with unicorns and rainbows. (No, but really, it's going to be amazing.)

So to help us with wrangling unicorns, we have hired Jenny McClaine.

No, that's not a picture of Jenny. It's a painting she did in high school. Now if it only had a horn...

Jenny has worked for a variety of well-known (and not-so-well-know) companies such as The Orange County Register, Western Digital, and, just to name a few. One of her more notable accomplishments, and her all-time favorite job as a web developer, was her enterprise portal design work for Causeway Collaboration. Not only did it involve a couple of trips to the UK, but it also won several awards at its unveiling in November of 2001. Her most recent project before CallFire was to design a web application for a small Hollywood-based startup currently in its beta, to be used by the movie and TV production industries.

Jenny is from Palms, CA and has lived in or around LA County most of her life (she spent a brief period of time on the Oregon coast). She is an artist at heart (as you can see above), and in her free time enjoys painting, sculpting, stained glass, ceramics, photography, landscaping, and anything else related to design. She also restores damaged items, and is currently working on a project to restore an alabaster Egyptian statue replica that's missing an arm. Her non-art-related hobbies include hiking and keeping up-to-date with NASA exploration projects and the cosmos.

Fun fact: Jenny just started authoring a fiction book this year.

How do we know that she'll fit in at CallFire (other than her being good at her job)? She's got two awesome dogs: