Thursday, April 7, 2011
by Natalia Klishina Just in December, I wrote an article about how "passion fuels growth" here at CallFire, saying that we had expanded our staff by nearly 30% in the last quarter of 2010 alone, and that we didn't plan to stop. Well, we sure haven't. Since then, we've hired Daniel, as well as three more recent additions (and we're also currently interviewing UX Designers). So without further ado, welcome to Lezlie, Shannon, and Adam:

Lezlie Wheeler

lezlie wheelerLezlie just joined us as what she's termed our "Financial Janitor." She's basically helping us with all that financial and accounting stuff none of the rest of us know anything about. She's originally from Buffalo, NY (I wonder if the world seems to move slower for her here in Santa Monica), with a BS in Accounting from Fordham University. Among her previous experiences, she's worked for Do Something, a national not-for-profit organization that empowered young people to change the world. When she was little, though, she wanted to be president of the USA -- "obviously" (I don't know, sounds like a hard job to me). Lezlie is an avid texas hold 'em player, and she loves traveling and biking. She says the most amazing trip she's taken (so far) is throughout Morocco from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. And if she could be a dog, she says she would be a Jack Russel Terrier, because they have a ton of energy. (I don't know... our boss's JRT is pretty crazy... this might not bode well.)

Shannon Donohue

shannon donohueShannon just joined us as a part-time sales account associate. She is currently a student at UCLA, majoring in Linguistics and French, and minoring in Language Teaching. She was born right here in Santa Monica, just a few blocks from our CallFire offices, and went to Santa Monica High. I think she gets the prize for being the true local here at the office. Shannon owns an American Eskimo dog named Mama, and we can't wait to see her fluffy little face at the office. Shannon went to Paris two years ago, where she met her husband (whom she married just this past March), so she also probably wins for "cutest story" -- or "sickeningly sweet," depending on how you want to look at it.

Adam Keeney

adam keeneyAdam joined us as what is officially an "API developer," but he will also function as a consultant to our API customers. Before CallFire, Adam has professionally written software in the fields of non-contact metrology (measuring stuff with cameras and lasers) and investment research. Adam is a Massachusetts native who has spent most of his life in the San Fernando Valley (LA) and who is full of surprises. For example, until now I didn't know that at one time he studied music and composition at CalArts, that he spent six months in Bali studying traditional Indonesian music, and that he loves the music of J.S. Bach so much that after college he started a rock band called "The J.S. Bach Experience" that performed only Johann's music. Adam also knows how to ride a unicycle, which I am sure is an invaluable skill. If he could be a dog, he says he would be a Kintamani: they are short, have bad tempers, and are very loyal. And when he was little, he wanted to be a construction worker, but clearly that didn't work out for him. Please welcome our new team members. I'm sure you'll see even more introductions on here soon. Let us know if you have any acquaintances who'd fit out UX Designer position.