Monday, March 28, 2011
by Natalia Klishina
As per one of our customers' requests this morning, here is a blog post about the CallFire dogs.


First we have Lucky, the Jack Russel Terrier -- or as we like to call him, Crazy Dog.



lucky todayLucky is our CEO's dog, and he likes to pretend he owns the place. I would say his hobby is running around with a business card in his mouth, but it's more of an addiction than a hobby. If he doesn't get a hit every half hour or so, he becomes very upset. He also has this strange compulsion of spastically running around in circles whenever he hears a motorcycle outside. Hobbies include jumping onto people's chairs when they're not there and growling when he's told to get off, eating Chinese food left unattended on anyone's desk, and generally ignoring all instruction.

This is our CEO playing with Lucky. Lucky looks unamused. Why Crazy Dog, you ask? It's hard to believe that he used to be a sweet little puppy. You can find Lucky on Twitter as LuckyJRTPup.



Then there's Ronak, the English Chocolate Lab -- or Sad Dog.



lucky todayRonak is our President's dog -- or puppy, rather. Ronak isn't even a year old yet, and people still remember him running around the office as a little furball. With his droopy eyes and slow, lopey walk, Ronak tends to look sad all the time. We plan to dress him up as Eeyore next Halloween. He probably is sad since he harbors an unrequited love for Lucky, who growls at him and lunges at his face with his tiny little jaws open whenever he's approached; and yet, Ronak hopelessly keeps trying to win him over.

Ronak's hobbies include sleeping in beds that are way too small for him. The things he lets you do to him without even protesting definitely point at depression. This is probably the only time Lucky has allowed Ronak to get this close. I think they were both on a timeout. You can find Ronak on Twitter as SadDogRonak.


And our newest addition: Tucker, the Pitbull mix.



lucky todayTucker is the newest dog in the office. He joined us when our new Marketing Director started working here. If Tucker's energy could be harnessed, he could probably power all the appliances here. His tail alone is like a windmill. Hobbies include smothering other peopler with love and destroying tennis balls in record time.

This is our Marketing Director, Kim, with Tucker. He's definitely the most affectionate of the bunch. Chaos reigns when all three dogs are in the office at once.

Some other dogs that have come around have been Latte the Bulldog (whose owner used to work here part-time), and Marley the Golden Doodle (my old roommate's dog that I brought in):