Monday, February 7, 2011

by Jeff Spisak

So you're all ready to import your numbers into CallFire when you notice, to your horror, that the area codes and the phone numbers are in different columns! Do you have to copy and paste the entire list by hand? Isn't there another way? Take heart: there is indeed! Just grab your Excel workbook and follow along with us.

Now, if there isn't a column of empty cells just to the right of your numbers, you will need to add one. Click the column header letter and choose "Insert."

OK, so now we have a blank column.  We're ready to merge our cells.

This is the tricky part. Well, not really tricky, but it is important to do it correctly. Click the cell to the right of the first set of numbers you want to merge. In our example below, it is cell C2. Now, click in the formula box in Excel, and enter this formula: =A2&B2. You will have to change A and B to match the columns where your area codes and numbers are. Basically, you are telling Excel to put into cell C2 the contents of cells A2 and B2; in other words, put the area code and the number together in a new cell.  Enter the formula and hit Enter.

Hooray!  We have done it.

Now for the "slick" part. Click again on the cell where you've merged the numbers (C2 in our example). Hover your mouse in the lower right of the cell. The pointer will change into different shapes.  It is really important to get it into the correct form.

You don't want these:

You want this one, the one that looks like a plain black cross with no fancy stuff on it. When you see that, click and hold your mouse button, and drag it down the entire length of the column. When you get to the last row, release the button.

Yay! Done!