Monday, January 3, 2011

by Natalia Klishina

We’ve been hard at work here at CallFire lately trying to figure out some ways to provide our customers with better support, and one idea we’ve hit on is that perhaps this begins with providing more support to our support team. So here are some tools our developers have put in place in the last couple of weeks with just that goal in mind:

  • Load balancing engine: When calls come in with a call status error, or perhaps a call status of rejected, the ops team can now route calls through different carriers to ensure successful delivery of messages and better call quality.
  • Campaign administration: Need to send more than 50 calls a minute? CallFire's dev team has built a tool that will allow the ops team to increase a client's calls-per-minute (cpm) rate, so that those messages can reach recipients even sooner.
  • Number administration: If a customer buys a phone number from CallFire and calls are, for some reason, still not being forwarded a few days later, the ops team can now view the purchase date and unique ID number assigned to that phone number, allowing the support team to provide expedited service and resolve the matter even quicker.

Those might or might not all make sense to you, but the goal is pretty simple: make it easier for our support team to help you. It's just one of the ways in which CallFire strives to provide an excellent customer experience to all our users.