Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s official, the CallFire dev team will be attending the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit in Mountain View, California on May 7th, 2010!

Come on out! We’d love to see you there. Meet Vijesh, TJ, Dan & Dinesh @ the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010. Join us in discussing current trends in mobile, contribute your knowledge of VoIP & connect with trend-setting developers. 
We’ll even have a surprise giveaway & will be introducing Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb’s founder & CEO. The Mobile “unconference” will connect techies to discuss key trends in mobile including:
Geo-location services - what can you do using location as a platform? Commerce & Marketing - smartphones & businesses. Internet of Things - Sensors & RFID data. Augmented Reality - Tech & biz applications of AR. Native App vs. Browser Based - iPhone OS4, Android, RIM & more.
A big thanks to @SeanAmmirati & the entire @RWW team. If you’re going to be there, holler @CallFire!