Friday, January 29, 2010

Campaign control from your phone

CallFire Remote Control lets you start, stop, and create campaigns using only your telephone.  To learn about the feature, watch our short video:


Before you try remote control, there are a few items you should look up.

1) Find your ID and Password from the Sound Manager.  Click toolbox to get to the Sound Manager.


2) Look up campaign IDs, and Phone book IDs for any campaigns you will want to create.

Now you're ready to use Remote Control!

1) Dial the remote control hotline: 213-221 3805

2) Type in user id and password. this is found under toolbox --> sound manager at the top of the page.

3) Listen to the recording- you will need to know the campaign id, phonebook id depending on what it is you are trying to do by remote control.NOTE: Keeping a sheet of all of your IDs may be a helpful tool when using remote control.