Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As you’ve probably noticed if you read this blog regularly, CallFire can serve various industries and niches.  One of these that have been quite successful is as an Emergency Notification service.

Here’s a few ideas of scenarios in which CallFire can help:

  1. Notify residents of possible floods or national disasters.
  2. Announce shelter location or food handouts in the case of an evacuation
  3. Public health threats
  4. Extended utility interruption
  5. Missing children or other police related incidents
  6. Snow/Hail/Tornado/Hurricane or other weather warnings

CallFire is both reliable and affordable in these circumstances, and can be configured to reach up to 100,000 phones per hour.  It is a great solution for reaching entire cities, or communities and getting a message out FAST!

For more info, email info@callfire.com

CallFire’s Emergency page