Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tina and If you use CallFire then you may have participated in my Webinar.  :)  I get a lot of calls about "best practices" for using CallFire's Virtual Call Center, Voice Broadcast & various Cloud Telephony tools for outbound call center sales.   Here they are:

Outbound Call Center Sales Tips:

  1. Creativity is important
    Phone interactions are impersonal, so be sure to smile in the message. ;)   Feel free to use humor, wit & charisma to engage your potential customer over the phone.   Building trust & relationships is key to making sales.
  2. Use fresh data & scrubbed lists
    Generating leads & sales can only be accomplished if you have a great list to call.   Existing customer databases, InfoUSA business listings, and online lead-gen are great sources for high-quality data.
  3. Use a woman's touch
    Try using a woman's voice for your recordings. :)  Many DIY'ers use their own voice to save a few bucks.  Check out services like to get a professionally recorded greetings.  Your target demographic may react differently to voices of varying gender.  Try to diversify every aspect of your outbound effort!
  4. Communicate with your customers
    We all get wrapped up in our amazing sales vision, but don't forget to ask your customers what matters to them.  For example, you might want to figure out what time of day each of your customers prefer to receive telephone updates & callbacks.  Use this data to schedule your campaigns accordingly.
  5. Try Call Tracking & Text-To-Speech
    A balanced outbound sales effort strives to track it's efficacy over time.   Call Tracking & Hosted IVRs are a great way to track your marketing efforts, at the campaign level!  If you haven't checked out advanced voice services, give us a call, or watch this video to learn more.

Thanks everyone!  ~Tina