Thursday, October 2, 2008
Customers often call our support line asking:  "How do I prepare an Excel spreadsheet to be uploaded to CallFire?".    Here's an easy receipe to get rid of bad records that could cause upload problems:
  1. Copy your phone numbers into Column-A, using Excel.   
  2. Sort your list in Excel, by Column-A.   
  3. Visually scan Column-A for bad numbers that have less than 10 digits, more than 10 digits, odd characters & so forth.  Delete the row entirely by right-clicking on the row number, and selecting 'delete.'   (Many records with bad numbers are at the very top and bottom of the sorted list.  Ex: "1111111111" or "9999999999".)
  4. Lastly, go to FILE > SAVE AS and Save a copy in *.CSV format.   Always rename your final CSV file to prevent mixups!
Good luck!  ~DR