Wednesday, July 2, 2008 has released a new feature that allows you to limit the amount of simultaneous call transfers that your agents receive.  You asked for it, and now it’s here.  Once your agents are busy, CallFire will stop sending out new broadcasts until one or more of your agents are off the phone.

The request:
"My office has 5 agents and we’re sending our a broadcast to our business associates… but when a lot of people transfer at the same time, my agents get overloaded!   How can I make sure that my agents don't get too many transfers at once?"

The solution:
Step 1: Create your campaign. After doing so, check the checkbox to the left of the Campaign that you’d like to modify. Select “Edit Campaign Settings” from the My Campaign’s page. Click Go!


Step 2: Move the slider until you have your agent count.
(This numeric represents the total number of simultaneous transfers allowed for that campaign.)


Enjoy, DR