Friday, March 14, 2008

For voice broadcast campaigns, campaign thresholds determine how fast or slow your campaigns run. Each campaign starts with a default threshold of 50 CPM (Calls Per Minute). This is the default account threshold as well. This means that the system will dial fifty numbers every minute that the campaign is running. However, if you have multiple campaigns running, only one will run at 50 CPM, and all other campaigns will run at 1 CPM. If the 50 CPM campaign finishes before the others, the system will intelligently redistribute the threshold, but not until the 50 CPM campaign is over. So, if you need to have all campaigns running in parallel, then you're better off distributing the threshold manually over your running campaigns. For example, you could have them run in a 10-10-30 or similar combination. The beauty of the CallFire system is that it gives you full control over your campaigns, so you can update the threshold while the campaign is running, and it takes effect immediately!

Note, for those with higher account thresholds, the same logic applies to your account limit. For those who would like a higher threshold, please do drop us a line.