Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Direct Marketing Association conference held in Chicago was quite a learning experience for the CallFire attendees. To our amazement, many marketing executives had not used (nor were familiar with) Voice 2.0 Teleservices, Voice Broadcast or Virtual Call Center functionality!

To our delight, no Voice 2.0 Teleservices companies attended DMA. In addition, very few Virtual Call Center & Voice Broadcast competitors emerged as strongly we did. Our salespeople took time to understand the business of the attendees and offered expert advice on how to most effectively utilize our services. *Patting ourselves on the back*

CallFire is revolutionizing the way Teleservices work – and very few C-level executives understand how this can affect your bottom line. With a little creativity and business acumen, businesses can add value to their internal processes & client relationships - with minimal investment. While at DMA I met a very interesting individual by the name of David Dalka from Chicago – a well known blogger. We struck up a great conversation about the future of telephony and how the world of advertising & user application design will change dramatically – due to companies like CallFire. He gets it. Check out David’s blog here:

Thanks to everyone that helped make CallFire's venture to DMA a success! On a side note, here are a few photos I took from the CallFire booth @ DMA in Chicago, 2007: @ DMA, Chicago 2007:

CallFire_DMA IMG_4767

DMA Chicago welcome booth (Left). CallFire volunteers & employees (Right).

IMG_4775 IMG_4783

Finished CallFire booth (Left). Intern, Reena Mohan & DMA IPod winner! (Right).

Cheers, DR