Wednesday, November 7, 2007


CallFire is pleased to announce CallPeer, their application development platform. CallPeer will allow developers to create nifty VoIP applications via hooks into the CallFire infrastructure. Currently, we support such hooks via our API which allows clients to integrate their back end systems with our Voice Broadcast infrastructure. In the future we'll be rolling out new features and releasing new versions of the CallPeer plaform.

CallPeer is what we would call a true Web 2.0 play for CallFire. There is this misconception that Web 2.0 is all about pay-per-click or eyeball capture. In fact concepts like pay-per-click advertising, high degree of user acquisition and retention are the result of true Web2.0 not the root cause. The whole phenomenon of Web 2.0 is about creating new innovation out of existing inventions. It is about creating new value out of existing technology. If you look at the 'famous' Web 2.0 companies, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace etc, the technology they are using is not new at all. In fact, in some cases their technology is at least a decade old (MySpace was built using ColdFusion--remember that anyone?). What they bring to the table is finding new ways for integrating existing technologies.

CallFire's play is integrating two existing technologies-the web and the telephone and marrying them to an amazingly intuitive interface to create new value for our customers. Through CallPeer we aim to extend that value proposition to developers as well, giving them the freedom to create their own applications using our infrastructure. As the CallFire team huddles around the drawing board dreaming up new features, do drop us a line if there are cool features you would like to see.

Quote of the Day:

Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible--Alan Kay